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Your Ultimate Guide To Pursuing HR Analytics Courses From XLRI

Your Ultimate Guide To Pursuing HR Analytics Courses From XLRI

In the world of business, finance, and management, the human resources department has undeniable importance. People aspiring to work in this department need a specific set of skills to fit the role. Apart from your usual management degree, there are some specialization courses that you can opt for to boost your resume. 

HR analytics is one such course that can help you upgrade your CV. This course deals with the issues faced by an organization, such as the falling number of applicants, and it studies these problems using statistics. Among the many XLRI courses for working professionals, HR analytics is a course that is a must for people working in the human resources department. 

An HR analytics course from XLRI will equip you with skills to solve real-world problems companies face in the corporate world. In this article, we discuss all you need to know about the HR analytics courses from XLRI. 

What Is XLRI Jamshedpur Known For?

One of the most eminent institutions in management and business is the very well-known XLRI Jamshedpur. This institute is responsible for producing some of the top business leaders and great financial minds of the country. The attribute which sets it apart from other colleges is its focus on the growth of a student’s career rather than on a set syllabus. Due to the priority, they give to career development, XLRI courses for working professionals equip students with the latest skills in their field. 

XLRI Jamshedpur provides its students with countless opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge of the syllabus into real-world situations through hands-on training. The college also offers Distance Learning Programmes and remote classes on online platforms. These options make it a lucrative course for professionals to continue working while also upgrading their skills and resumes.

HR analytics courses from XLRI will help you upskill your resume, be an asset to your company, and rise to higher levels in your organization. The USP of this program is that the syllabus considers those students who might not be proficient in mathematics or statistics. By the end of this course, the student will be able to apply analytics to better understand people management and solve the problems of the HR department both scientifically and creatively. 

Let us know more about this course and what it has to offer.

The Course Material

Let us first explore what you are going to study in your HR analytics course from XLRI. The syllabus focuses on three separate dimensions of analytics, namely descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. The course puts ample attention to understanding the fundamental concepts and grasping the three different forms of analytics. However, at the same time, like all other XLRI courses for working professionals, there is a keen focus on projects, evidence-based learning, and brainstorming solutions to real-life problems. These points of focus make the courses so highly reputed and sought after. 

Who Is It For

Although anybody can choose to pursue a course in HR analytics, for certain people, this specialization can be exceptionally beneficial. Here we will talk about the groups of people who will benefit greatly from this course. 

HR Business Partners & Consultants 

These positions belong to those people in an organization who routinely need to study the performance of the employees and evaluate their work to provide useful inputs to the organization. 

Talent Managers

Talent managers are people who have the responsibility to acquire talented minds and also look after the length of time they stay in your company before leaving. For people in this position, analytics is undeniably helpful to evaluate failures and fix those loopholes in the system. 

HR Executives

Executives in the HR department have a constant need for understanding the analytics of the company and come up with newer solutions to deal with the challenges of the organization and the people.

Non-HR Executives

Anybody working outside of the human resources department can channelize their path towards this area of work with any of the XLRI courses for working professionals. With a little bit of acumen for analytics and the desire to understand human resource management, this course becomes a suitable choice for any candidate. 

Pedagogy Of The Course

The HR analytics courses from XLRI are exceptionally student-friendly. The bulk of the syllabus is comfortably distributed into live lectures, assessments, peer discussions, projects, on-site training sessions, presentations, analytical exercises, and feedback sessions with the XLRI faculty. 

The program is suitable for students without a background in mathematics or statistics, and it uses simple tools such as MS Excel and SPSS for teaching purposes. The students have access to a Cloud Campus platform that hosts learning materials, assessments, projects, guides, etc. The professors are always accessible for discussions and doubt clearing during class hours or through the Cloud Campus.

Method Of Assessments

The method of evaluation for the XLRI courses for working professionals is centered around solving real-life problems in the HR department. There are three prerequisites for clearing your course assessment, namely: the minimum attendance requirement of 75%, submission of the required number of assignments, and submission of the final project. The methods of assessment involve presentations, group discussions, quizzes, case studies, etc. There is continuous evaluation during the course period to ensure the continual development of the student.

The focus of the assessments is to encourage the students to actively apply the concepts learned in class to a real-life problem. Students get thirty minutes to present their ideas and solutions to the class, where they get reviewed by their peers and professors. 

Students who clear all the three aforementioned prerequisites get a Certificate of Completion from XLRI. Any student who does not complete all the steps gets awarded with a Certificate of Participation.