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World Veterinary Day For This Year

World Veterinary Day For This Year

In this vast creation of god, various species such as animals, marine species, birds, and humans co-exist in peace. Just like human beings, animals also face daily challenges of hunger, pain, and sickness in the course of life. To ensure relief to these numerous living creatures, veterinary science was developed as an academic discipline. 

Like any other vital day in our calendars set to honor special people for their extraordinary effort, world veterinary day is no exception.

World Veterinary Day

Doctors who specialize in veterinary sciences and look after the health and well-being of animals are known as veterinarians. 

Each year on the 14th of april, we celebrate the occasion of world veterinary day, to honor those doctors who look after these non-vocal creatures and cater to their needs every day of the year.

Akin to the need for vet doctors for the aid of animals, it is important to pay our respect and convey our gratefulness to them for their tireless hard work on the occasion of world vet day

History Of World Veterinary Day    

Suppose we were to define the history of world veterinary day briefly. In that case, we could say that in 1863, the international veterinary congress was converted into the world veterinary association, with the guidance of dr. gamjee. 

Since then, this central association globally manages veterinarian affairs. It was in 2001 that a day of the year came to be marked as the veterinary day.

Theme For World Vet Day

Similar to any other significant day, the wva sets a theme for veterinarian day every year. These themes interlink several subjects such as environment, health, food safety, and such others, with animals. 

Every year, based on the theme, an annual winner for world veterinary day of that specific year is chosen by considering the various campaigns, donations, activities, and public awareness events initiated by groups across the globe.

Theme For 2020

Veterinary day 2020’s theme focused on the protection of the environment for the improvement of animal and human health and hygiene. 

With the speedy degradation of environmental resources and the tremendous increase of pollution over the years, the natural environment of animals has been endangered. Hence, 2020’s theme drew attention to these hazards and sustainable goals to safeguard the animal kingdom.

Theme For 2021

The theme for veterinarian day 2021 is very significant in today’s context. It focused on the veterinarian response to the present covid-19 crisis in the world.

It focused on the struggle of veterinary professionals during the lockdown and their joint battle to secure the lives of countless malnourished and ailing animals. 

Objectives Of World Vet Day

The principal objectives of world vet day are listed below:

This day is memorialized to promote awareness about animal well-being and safety in the environment, alongside human beings. 

The celebration of veterinarian day is for people to realize that animals have an equal right to surviving peacefully, just as humans do since all animals are interdependent. 

The main objective of this day is control of environmental degradation or pollution and any such factor that poses a threat to the animal kingdom.

The wva targets current issues such as climate change, misuse of natural resources, industrial waste management, or health-related crisis and interrelates them with the survival of animals to spread mindfulness in people about the impact of their actions.

Along with these, the wva introduces countermeasures to ensure proper usage of these resources and disposal of various waste.    

The world veterinary association’s objectives for world veterinary day also include the various leadership roles played by veterans all over the world, during the time of stress and turmoil.

The Partners Of World Veterinary Association

The multiple mention-worthy partners of the wva, who aid the association in various ways by providing services for implementing desirable change within the societies, worldwide are as follows:

  1. The fao or food and agricultural organization of the united nations.
  2. The imcc or world federation of public health associations.
  3. The ifd or international dairy federation.
  4. The wma or world medical association.
  5. The wsava or world small animal veterinary association.
  6. The one or world organization for animal health
  7. The world health organization or who
  8. One health initiative
  9. World animal protection
  10. The aaalac international
  11. The garc alliance; and
  12. The wfpha or world federation of public health association.

Significance Of World Veterinary Day

The efforts of the world veterinary association are to improve animal wellness and prosperity and eradicate issues concerning animal safety, environmental protection, and the availability of primary natural resources to nourish animals.

The wva highlights important causes and focuses on improving the climate and the peaceful co-existence of humans and animals. 

For 2021, they introduced significant practices of animal quarantine and food safety in collaboration with its other partner organizations such as fao, who, wma, and wsava to reach its goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the veterinary day celebrated?

Answer: To honor the laborious daily contribution of veterans of the world, the world veterinary association selected the 24th of april (that falls in the last week of april) as the momentous day to celebrate world veterinary day. It seeks to pay our respect to those warriors who look after animals who need immediate help. These are a few important reasons why veterinary day celebrated worldwide each year. 

  1. What is the world veterinary day award? 

Answer: Every year, world veterinary day has a different theme and based on the participation and initiatives of various organizations and associations worldwide, to contribute to the piece, a winner is chosen. The winner for world veterinary day 2020 was Indian veterinary association of kerala, to award 75 individual activities to support the theme for 2020, and for 2019, uganda veterinary association received this prestigious award, based on the chosen theme ‘value of vaccination.’ 

  1. What is 2021’s them for world veterinary day?

Answer: The theme for the veterinary day this year is ‘the veterinarian response to the crisis of covid-19 as declared by the wva, as an awareness campaign for the ongoing pandemic issues and animal health.