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Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme Free

Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme Free

Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme is a popular Naruto-themed browser extension for Chrome. It replaces the new tab page with Naruto’s face and adds other Naruto-related features to your browsing experience.

This article will explore how you can install Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme on your computer.

Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme

If you are a real fan of Naruto and you love watching Naruto episodes, then this New Tab Theme is a perfect Chrome extension for you. It will give your browser the Naruto theme, with Naruto’s face as a new tab page background image.

Naruto faces in various expressions are displayed on this wallpaper of your choice: happy, sad, and angry Naruto themes are available. It also includes Naruto-related features, such as a countdown to Naruto episodes and a Naruto news feed from the official website of the Naruto manga series in Japan.

Features Of Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme

  • Get a new Naruto wallpaper whenever you open a new tab on Chrome
  • You have the power to randomize the background
  • Apply custom web search
  • Access your favorite social media
  • You can set to show the current date and time on the new tab
  • Get access to sticky notes to manage your tasks
  • Bookmark your favorite websites
  • All the latest wallpaper

How To Install The Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme?

Installing the Naruto Chibi Wallpaper New Tab Theme is not as complicated as you might think.

  • Click on the link below and go to the chrome store
  • Press the add to chrome button
  • Done

About Naruto Chibi

Nagato found an abandoned dog when he was walking around. The dog’s parents were killed, so Nagato took him in.

Nagato was hungry and near death. He met Chibi, who gave him the will to go on. They were later found by Konan, who shared her food with them. Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan joined up and stole food from vendors in Ame.

The orphans got too close to the battle between Hanzo and the Sannin. Naruto appeared and took down Hanzo, but the orphan gang was caught in the destruction that followed.

Chibi was a friendly dog who would always stay by Nagato’s side. He had nothing to offer to Chibi, but that didn’t matter. Chibi also liked Konan’s paper dog and seemed curious about it.

Chibi’s eyes were brown, and his ears pointed. He had a fluffy tail, and most of his body was brown, but he was white on the underside.


It is all about Naruto Chibi wallpaper New Tab Theme. Naruto’s face is displayed in various expressions on the new tab page, along with Naruto-related features to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Naruto fans are going to love this extension for Chrome.