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Is Xiaomi Shark Black 4 the right choice as a Gaming Mobile Phone

Is Xiaomi Shark Black 4 the right choice as a Gaming Mobile Phone

You can begin tracking down some good deals in this part of the year now that the “most recent” processors are approaching their end of life. One extraordinary example of this is the Xiaomi Black Shark 4, a fascinating and captivating interpretation of a gaming phone. This phone is far superior to any of your “traditional” gaming smartphones.

Design and Features:
Unlike other gaming phones, like RedMagic 6 and the ASUS ROG Phone 5, Xiaomi selected a standard design for the Black Shark 4. You will not discover RGB anyplace. However, you will track down some hidden Black Shark branding on the back.

Apart from the gray color, there’s another shading available with the Mirror Black. However, that would most likely be a fingerprint magnet. In the meantime, the Pale Gray offers a matte completion that is convenient to hold and doesn’t look like it should be cleaned continually.

The Black Shark 4 dealt with all the burden thrown on it, from gaming to finishing work quickly. The Snapdragon 870 might not have similar clock speeds as the Snapdragon 888; however, it can keep up. This is assisted with the RAM mix being utilized; however, the CPU is sufficient for a horse to be above and beyond for anything.

Unlike other gaming smartphones that we’ve seen in 2021, the Black Shark 4 doesn’t attempt to pack a massive battery. This smartphone will effectively get you through the day with a 4,500mAh battery and without playing super-intensive games. The PC Mark Battery testing went on for a little more than 10 hours, which is fine.

Going to the cameras, Xiaomi incorporates a triple camera with a 48MP primary lens, alongside an 8MP ultrawide camera and a 5MP large-scale sensor. What’s more, this is one more region where we left away surprised. Compared to Pixel 5a, the Black Shark 4 can’t keep up. But that is all right because the Black Shark 4 isn’t intended to be constantly utilized like a regular phone.